Thursday, 29 January 2015

REVIEW: Chi Chi Berry Passionfruit EDP...

Second last one in the Chi Chi "Meet The Girls" box - I'm already feeling a little bit sad that this series is almost at an end, but I have my fingers and toes (and eyes!) crossed that the next collection will be out before mid-year. Meanwhile, let's get on with Berry Passionfruit!

LOVING the colour for starters - who wouldn't hey? It's just so vibrant and rich, and a pretty darn good indication of what's inside the bottle. But having an almost primal passion for passionfruit (and berries for that matter), I let this sit on the shelf for a couple of days before chancing my first encounter - what if it didn't live up to its name? Well my fears turned out to be just plain silly because this is another winner from Chi Chi 
Mind you it isn't just berries and passionfruit that are starring here - there's also melon, peach, musk and vanilla lending their weight to the end result, which is an interesting mix in itself, but even more so because every time I inhale the scent, my schnozz seems to pick up a different ingredient, although ultimately the passionfruit has the upper hand...

To break it down, at first I get a whole riot of fruit, with the passionfruit leading the pack - then as it dries down, the other fruits start hoisting their banners to get some attention, followed by the the musk weaving its way through the whole crowd. The vanilla is in there somewhere, but it's obviously content to take a back seat to the initial proceedings because I can only detect it after the others have quietened down a little...
Another one that doesn't last too long, the juicy tang goes on for around two hours without missing a beat, and then suddenly stops, but there's an underlying softness that remains on the skin. I'm in two minds as to whether to add the big bottle to my collection - it's not quite as endearing as some of the others (despite my penchant for passionfruit), and at the rate my fragrance collection is multiplying, I'll need to exercise a little restraint at some stage ha ha. I do love it though - it just doesn't quite make it onto my adore list 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. With their Sugar & Spice, & of course their Marshmallow such hits, you don't want to waste money & dressing table space with their misses. (I tried a Persimmon tester & the scent vanished in the time it took for me to raise my wrist to my nose!) This is why I like the idea of these smaller sampler sets: lots of "scent of the moment" choices without the commitment.

    So you've got your fingers, toes & eyes crossed? Will this be featured in your next EOTD post? LOL!

    1. Ha ha - hon I don't even know if Chi Chi is PLANNING to release a second batch, so no, you won't be seeing a cross-eyed Kat. It's interesting what you said about the Persimmon - I find it lasts quite well on my skin. Could've been a batch issue I guess ♥