Friday, 30 January 2015

REVIEW: Sugarpill Haul...

I've loved Sugarpill shadows for yonks. Thanks to the fabulously generous Hissycat Krissy (♥), I've had most of their mattes for quite some time, and they've been starring in a whole bunch of my EOTD's over the last 18 months. But I was missing one particular shade (aqua-mint Mochi), and I managed to drop my orange Flamepoint several months ago, and it shattered into a gazillion pieces on the carpet. At the time I was shattered too (sob), so it was high time I placed an order to make up the set, and here's what arrived just before Christmas, in a gorgeous pink box... 

I've not come across a more amazingly (and consistently) pigmented set of matte shadows - not a single dud in the ones I already have, the intensity of the hues is mind blowing, they aren't the least bit chalky, they blend like there's no tomorrow, and there's not one speck of fallout. So Flamepoint and Mochi were absolute MUSTS for my order, and I added Elemental Chaos (purple) and Hotsy Totsy (pink) just because they looked so divine on the website...

So here is Flamepoint - the perfect matte orange. I'm so happy that I can once again create sunrise/sunset eye looks, knowing that the result will be a guaranteed success. I've missed this shadow so very much, and will post an EOTD using it very soon...

Next we have Elemental Chaos - a particularly potent purple, it's super creamy and has a stunning shimmer content. This also comes in a palette set called Cold Chemistry - you can read all about it (and see some great swatches) thanks to sweetheart Jasmine over at Sweetaholic Beauty...

And here's darling Hotsy Totsy - she's a semi-matte with the cutest little sparkles, a gorgeous GORGEOUS pink, and a very welcome addition to my (ever growing - eek!) collection...

And finally, here is the treasure of the bunch - Mochi. Hard to believe, but I have nothing else like this in my kit - oh sure I have loads of aquas and bluey greens, but this little matte baby is one of a kind. She's quite the stunner 

I single-swipe swatched all of them (over a BBCream) along side each other so you can see the difference in the intensities and finishes. As expected, the pigmentation is staggering - Mochi is the sheerest of the bunch, but she just needs a wee bit of building to bring out her magnificence 

I'm thrilled to bits with my order, and all of these gems will be featuring in future posts. A big colourful kiss to Sugarpill for organising delivery of the box just before Santa was snowed under 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Oh dear, I so did not need to see those swatches! Wow, the pigmentation looks amazing! Can't wait for some eotds xx

    1. Whoops! Couldn't help it Indie - I've come to the conclusion that Sugarpill shadows are sensational and I need to spread the word ♥ I've done a couple of eye looks already, should have one up on Sunday night xxx

  2. You dropped an eye shadow? I did the same, then I remembered the beautyheaven article. You grind up the dropped powder & mix it with rubbing alcohol like isocol or even metho, then you pour it back into the pan & let the alcohol evaporate. I did this with my a Sleek palette. It was a bit bumpy, but perfectly functional. Next time I'll be more careful when I'm smoothing it out.
    I don't have any Sugarpill, you're making me want everything you write about! :(

    1. Yeah I did hon, on the beige carpet of a rental property! I remembered the bh article too, but I couldn't risk the carpet becoming more stained from my inexperienced scooping up so I just vacuumed and had a little cry lol...