Monday, 5 January 2015

SPOTLIGHT: Rediscovering Powder Blushes (Part 3)...

Uh oh, I just noticed that Part 2 was way back in July last year :-( I confess I've bought quite a few since then, but I'll restrict this particular episode to the selection from bhcosmetics. Their eye shadows are brilliant, and so is their felt pen liner - I've not had much luck with their lip products, but I find this with MUA as well. Anyways, their blushes are just so darn pretty, and there's a huge variety of shades, so I had to pick up a few (on sale of course) to give them a try. I was in dire need of some bricky red hues and some pinky mauves, and here are the ones I chose...

These first two are from the Duos collection - there's five in the set (currently on sale for US$3.95 each!), all with the names of flowers. The bold shade on the left in this Iris one is amazingly pigmented (small doses only) and it gives a magnificent autumnal flush to my face - perfect for gals with warm colouring. The packaging is super strong - there's a magnet somewhere inside to keep the lid firmly closed, and the mirror is a decent size, and reflects a true image. As you can see from the swatch (natural light), the apricot shade has only a very soft hint of colour - it's shimmery and more of a highlighter than anything else...

Lilac is soft and delicate, sadly almost too delicate. It looks quite bright in the palette, but it takes a bit of doing to get the pretty pink to show up on my skin over foundation, although I don't mind so much as I wanted something subtle. The website has some reviews of the other varieties, and most gals agree that Lilac is the only one that's a tad disappointing pigment-wise...
The swatch on the left is about 10 swipes (eek!), whereas the lighter colour was created with only two - they are both shimmery. The powders of all bhcosmetics blushes are very finely milled, the consistency is smooth and silky, they blend well, and there's no powder residue left in the container after you've used them so it stays clean...

Now we get to the big Mama palette - Glamorous Blush! This one is also on special at the mo' for US$9.95, and highly recommended by moi. There's only one shade that leaves a lot to be desired, but that's a fabulous result from a 10-pan selection, especially when you calculate that they work out at US$1 each 
There's no mirror inside, and the lid clicks shut nicely - it's very slim and light, and would be no trouble to fit into the bottom of even a small overnight bag, making this big baby actually more travel-friendly than the duos...
As you can see my swatching skills haven't advanced one iota from the last time, but I'll keep practising lol! Top row are all great, mainly shimmers, some more shiny than the rest - that pinky red on the end is matte, and really packs a punch...

Bottom row - the purply pink in the middle is the one I covet the most, thankfully far more pigmented than the pink in the Lilac duo, and goes perfectly with my Radiant Orchid outfits. The deep shade to the right of it (let's call it #7) is somewhat of a fizzer - such a shame as it's a fabulously bold hue in the pan, but has very little intensity on the skin. This row only has one true shimmer, the gorgeous gorgeous apricot on the left... 

Overall I'd say that bhcosmetics does a top job with blushes - almost all the deeper shades are nothing short of sensational, they last well, zero powdery bits, and there's a beaut variety of hues. One word of warning though - the website colours aren't entirely accurate, but hey, that's what bloggers are for 

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Even after seeing all of your gorgeous BHCosmetics products, I still don't have anything from them! Thanks for the swatches!

    1. Hey TP, they're having a sale at the moment with up to 70% off - it's a pretty good time to give them a go ♥

  2. I own a single blush!
    My long, narrow face (think Easter Island moa) & high cheek bones look better without it. I use a bit of blush under my chin for contouring. I wear so much colour on my eyes or lips (& clothing) that I can forgo the blush without looking washed out. I use a pink eye shadow a lot, I'd use most of this palette on my eyes - ha ha!

    1. Well hon, we're all different hey, and whatever works for you works for you - same for me, except I look like something out of a zombie movie without a flick of pink or coral or apricot on my cheeks lol... LOVE pink eyeshadow, don't wear it often enough - there's too many other colours in the rainbow and not enough days in the week!

  3. I probably own too many blushes but I'm really lusting after the BH cosmetics blush palettes! Pity their AU delivery is bit expensive

    1. Yes their postage is a bit hefty hey stackcats - I wait till they have a sale, and then order a fair bit to make it worthwhile, can't bear spending more money on delivery than on the products themselves!