Thursday, 15 January 2015

REVIEW: Chi Chi Peony EDP...

Here's one for all you lovers of romantic florals - Chi Chi Peony. Yeah sure it has some fruit notes (mandarin, lime and berries), but they're cleverly hidden in a support role only. This is an interesting one that morphs - starts out quite old-fashioned (and with a bang!), but the traditional charm soon gives way to a fresh flower-fest thanks to the kick of jasmine. Not a long laster at all though - maximum 3 hours, but what's left on my skin is a delight, and what I cherish the most...

If I've ever smelt a real peony, sadly I don't remember it, so I can't vouch for the authenticity of this scent - with a bit of luck though, someone who is familiar with this pretty flower can chime in. But regardless of whether it does in fact smell like peonies or not, I'm not so keen on they way it starts. Initially it's too heavy on the jasmine for my liking - jasmine is a scent that I can't get enough of when the blooms are in the wild, but put it into a beauty product, and it always seems a bit too heady and overpowering for my particular "scentsitivities"...

All the same, after about an hour, this perfume fades into a gentle little floral treasure, and becomes prettier and prettier as the minutes tick by. I won't be purchasing a full-size bottle of Peony at this stage, but if I could somehow skip that potent first hour, I'd seriously consider it 

Take care of  you,
kats xxx


  1. This sounds gorgeous! The Peony was my wedding flower, so I am very familiar with it! Such a pretty flower with a matching very pretty scent. Funny, we have Jasmine growing crazy over our wedding arch which is out in our yard where we were married. The scent when it flowers is amazing! Pitty is only lasts about a week and then the flowers all drop away... anyway, lovely photo and loving your reviews! xx

    - CandyFairy Blogs <3

    1. Candy my dear, I'm so glad you're a peony-ite, and a lover of jasmine too - this might very well be YOUR fragrance hon! And thanks for your lovely comment, I so appreciate all your kind words of support ♥