Tuesday, 17 December 2013

LOTD: Mocha Chocolata YaYa...

Well now I even surprised myself with this lip colour :-) I've managed to try out just about every lip shade imaginable in my longish life, but somehow or other, hadn't gotten around to really giving chocolates and browny tones a whirl. I guess I thought they were a bit dreary for this vibrant colour-loving gal, but like so many other hues in the vast beauty world, I've now figured I probably just hadn't found the right shade. Not even sure if this is the "right" one, but it sure was fun experimenting :-)

To do this properly, I thought I'd better invest in a brown lipliner, and chose Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses in the shade Cappuccino. Nice texture, moist without being so soft that the tip gets squished out of shape before finishing the application, and a bargain price point ($8.50). Was a little alarmed at how it accentuated the wrinkles and creases in my lips, but I reckon that's just because it's dark - same thing happens on my hoods when I use deep toned shadows...

Next I applied Innoxa Couleurs D'ete Summer Matte Collection in the shade Chocolate. Yet another item that came to me from a friend (in case you're wondering I DO in fact BUY makeup products lol, it's just that my darling friends always seem to choose what's perfect for me, I'm such a spoilt and lucky gal ) A most interesting colour, and a fabulously pigmented and super softening lipstick. I'm not sure why they call it matte because it has quite a glossy sheen, but who cares - it lasts really well and doesn't dry out my lips...

To shift the shade into something slightly more wearable for me and to lift it closer to a summer-friendly hue, I applied Mirenesse 3D Forever Lip Gloss in Slip of Beige over the top. It didn't change the colour all that much, just gave it a bit of softness and a smidgen more warmth and light. Of all the Mirenesse lip glosses, this is my favourite formula, and never disappoints...

I'll be playing around some more with these shades as we move into Autumn - meanwhile, how do you feel about chocolatey lips? Do you have a favourite brown toned lip product?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Browns don't suit me that well Kat. However I do think I have a shade similar to the one you have on which is so so, on me. Because I'm a Winter, I look much better in blue reds, pinks and plum coloured lipstick :).

    Arty Girl

  2. Hi darling, I reckon knowing what season you are is more than half the battle, so good on you :-) I'm pretty sure I'm an autumn so I go for anything that has a bit of orange in it, like a russet, terracotta or coral, but there are quite a few pinks I can get away with too - just as well, I LOVE pinks!

  3. Hello Darling Kats......love the look of all of these gorgeous neutral toned lips.....I find also being a bright red head that I just cant pull off a nude lip.......the only time I have it was a rimmel colour lipstick and I had a heap of eye colour going on to balance it out.
    My version of a "nude" lip is a brown-red toned lipstick....one of my favourites that I find goes with everything for me is the Estee Lauder Bois de Rose....has enough colour no matter what I wear.
    Another great Blog Post Kats.....Love Flaming Beauty xx

    1. Hey gorgeous! I just checked out Bois de Rose, and I'm head over heels in love - I MUST have this ha ha...