Saturday, 7 December 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Summer Scents Part 1...

Time to blog about another huge passion in my life - fragrance! I'm one of those gals who doesn't feel completely dressed unless I spritz myself with a delicious perfume, even when I'm not going anywhere special, or just doing some boring household chores. Simply put, perfume and I have a ♥ love-love ♥ relationship, and while it can take many many months of searching and sampling to find one that makes my spirits soar, I don't spend more than three seconds choosing what to wear each morning from the ones I have - I just know :-)

My preferences change with the seasons, and my collection is roughly divided into warm & cool weather scents. Pictured above are my Spring/Summer faves - interestingly it was only when I grouped all these bottles together for the photo shoot that I noticed that both product and packaging are either lavender, pink or colourless, whatever that means lol (?)...

Eclat d’Arpège by Lanvin, eau de parfum

My favourite perfume of all time, and without a doubt my signature scent. I adore everything about it, including the bottle - simple and elegant, with a glittering amethyst crystal embedded in the cap. The fragrance is classified as a fruity floral, and the only one I've ever worn that instantly makes me feel like I've just stepped out of the shower, even at the end of a long hot and humid day. Unlike the original musty Arpège that my grandmother wore, this version is light, subtle and delicate, with a zesty tang that is both refreshing and youthful. To me it smells like lilacs and lemons, and I rarely have to reapply after my early morning spray as it endures magnificently on my skin. I've had so many fellas ask me what I'm wearing, and in the 10 years since I discovered it, I've never EVER smelt it on anyone else - c'est moi!

Dazzling Darling by Kylie Minogue, eau de toilette

This was last summer's fabulous find - it was on special at Priceline (less than half price) so I bought up big, gave away a few bottles at Christmas to some very appreciative rellies (including my Mum), and horded the rest. Encased in an exquisitely shaped flacon, this is predominately violet, rose and musk, and what I'd call girly, flirty and fun. It doesn't last more than a few hours, but then it is a toilette - how I wish it came in a parfum! This is far more serious and musky than Kylie's other "Darlings", and the only one I like because the sweetness is tempered with a wee bit of spice. My beautyheaven review of it is here.

Violet Eyes by Elizabeth Taylor, eau de parfum

This was such a delightful surprise. Having sampled all the other fragrances by Elizabeth Taylor, and not even remotely liking any of them (way WAY to heady and sweet), this one is oh so special. Interestingly there are no violets in the formula (although my nose begs to differ) - instead there is a magical blend of white peach, jasmine & purple rose, but I reckon it's the amber & cedar base that ultimately grabs me. A perfect partnering of floral and oriental, I find this perfume cooling, calming and comforting, and perfect for day-time wear. In my mind it conjures up femininity and romance - it's a fragrance for a woman, not a girl :-)

Part 2 to follow...

Have you tried any of these perfumes? What's your favourite summer fragrance?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I am glad you are sharing your love for perfume, all part of being passionate about beauty. Thank you for the information about the Arpege perfume because I have shied away from it as I didn't realise it had a new formula. The Elizabeth Arden one sounds something I should try as I love amber bases and have always leaned towards oriental fragrances. I don't have a favourite summer fragrance as I chop and change. Looking forward to Part 2. x

  2. The Arpege is very different to the original roxy (which I don't like), and the Elizabeth Taylor one is so elegant and soft - wore it today actually, highly recommended :-) Part 2 in the pipeline...

  3. Loved this article as it is so different. I tend to stay with the one fragrance but thanks to my local chemist, I get samples of new products so when I want a change, I use them. I have to say though....I am a sucker for some of the bottles that I see the perfumes in. Simply love a few of the bottles above that you have kats.
    Just wondering if you have ever seen that Travalo that you can put any perfume into and just throw it in your bag. When your perfume finishes you can reload with same perfume or a different one. I find it fabulous.

    1. Hey Mandy my dear - I haven't actually done it yet (yet!) but I've been SO tempted in the past to buy a perfume whether I like it on me or not, JUST for the bottle! Can't help but appreciate pretty things :-) And yes I have a Travalo - brilliant little gadget, Nalini put me onto them (bless her), and I definitely need more lol...

    2. What I like about those Travalo is I can have an empty one and when visiting a friend and I like her perfume, she tops up mine with some of hers. Saw them in one of the chemists I visit the other day and tempted to get some more as gifts for birthdays next year. I have to think ahead lol.

    3. You're so smart to carry the T with you Mandy, why didn't I think of that? Lol, MUST get a few more for sampling :-)

  4. I love fragrance too, Kat :) !!! I once had so many bottles my Hubby said that I could open up my own Scent Store. I love how fragrance can create a mood within you. For example, when I used to wear Estee Lauder's White Linen, it would fill me with confidence.

    One fragrance I dearly miss is "Fidji".

    It's a pity that fragrance companies sometimes don't stick to their original formula. Years ago, I adored a fragrance called Orient. It was cheap too. Has cinnamon notes in it. When the Company who made it released it again (at the Chemists) I rushed out to buy one only to find that it wasn't the same. Such a shame !!!

    Now that I'm not working anymore, I stick to buyng fragrances $15 or under.

    If you like sandalwood, Kat, we have a good Company here in WA called Mt. Romance. I bought their 100ml "BOIS" edp for $65. It's heavenly !!! It has "romantic notes of freesia, white rose, lilies, water accords, driftwood and dry down of pure Sandalwood" in it. When I first spray it on, the sandalwood is more evident but when that dissipates, the other notes come through. It lasts for a few days on my clothes too. Pity I can't send you a whiff of it via email, LOL !!!

    Love your Blog and love you, Kat !!!

    Arty Girl

    1. Awesome comments darling Arty Girl thanks treasure - it's always a thrill to find someone who shares the same passions, and I so appreciate your support for my blog ♥ I had a bottle of Fidji when I was a teenager and remember feeling all grown up whenever I sprayed it on. I believe it is still available, but again, the formula has changed :-( I DO love sandalwood and have just visited the Mt. Romance website and can see two stockists in my area - I will definitely follow this up as your description has my nose twitching xxx