Sunday, 29 December 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Fragrance Miniatures Part 1...

My Summer Scents series seemed to be popular, so rather than wait till Autumn for the cool weather bunch, I thought I'd share my collection of miniatures. I keep these bottles separate from my every day fragrances as the majority of them I wear only sporadically - they're not divided into seasons either as when I do use them, it's to create a specific mood at any time of the year.

Some of these have been gifts, some GWPs and others I've bought simply to try them out - the size is just so handy to pop into my bag as I race out the door, and I love that the bottles are a reasonably true representation of the full-size product :-)  So...starting from the back row...

Lancôme Hypnôse, eau de parfum

When I first received this fragrance it was the palest blue-lilac. That was over 12 months ago, and although I keep my perfumes away from both light & heat, the colour has changed to more of a smokey amethyst. The fragrance has changed too - for the better! Before the transformation I found the vanilla note way too intense, but that seems to have softened, and I can now appreciate the other elements, which I believe are vetiver & passionflower with a splash of jasmine. My version of it is now what I would call a woody oriental, which I adore, and I'm so glad I didn't toss it or give it away :-) Of course, perfume purists will say I should in fact ditch it as it's obviously been affected by something or other, but one thing I'm definitely not is a purist! I should say that this fragrance has also lost some of it's original potency, but I'm glad because in it's true state, I found it a tad overwhelming.

Oops I've just realised that this review probably isn't much help to anyone wondering if this is the fragrance for them, so my beautyheaven review of it in it's untainted form is here. Secretly though, I'm so glad I revisited it for this article - it's as if I have a whole new fragrance :-)

Ô de Lancôme, eau de parfum

This is a green perfume, both in colour and definition. Very clean and summery, citrusy and cooling, and reminds me of Diorella or maybe even Eau Sauvage. It's more feminine than CKone (it has honeysuckle, lily of the valley and jasmine) and as of this morning, I think I prefer it - what a pity it's such a teeny bottle ha ha. At first it's a bit soapy, but the musk becomes more apparent as it dries down, all the while keeping it's fresh herbally tang. I'm hopeless at picking ingredients, but for those who are interested, this apparently also contains rosemary, basil, moss, and vetiver. My beautyheaven review of it is here

CK Obsession Night, eau de parfum

Hmm, definitely an earthy quality about this one. Come April you'll read that the original Obsession is my autumn/winter must have, but this version doesn't resemble it in the slightest. More woody than anything else, it's also has a subtle floral content, and an almost musty leather quality at first that may not appeal to everyone, and certainly put me off initially. The amber and sandalwood base becomes more apparent after it's been on the skin for a while, as does the vanilla - half an hour later it's really quite lovely, but I was hoping for something a bit more potent and mysterious from a "Night" fragrance. This miniature is the only one in my collection that is a spray.

Lancôme Trésor in Love, eau de parfum

With flash so you can see some of the rose detail
I should really buy a BIG bottle of this - I love it so much it could almost become my signature fragrance. Isn't the bottle just divine? And what's inside is heavenly, such a romantic perfume, I mean this is the essence of femininity, and has an angelic peachy-pink hue. I'm a total sucker when it comes to Turkish Rose, and being the heart of this fragrance, I think that's why I'm utterly powerless to resist its charms. The base is cedar, and the top notes are all fruits - bergamot, nectarine, peach and sour pear (really?), although to my nose it's a pure floral. Classy and in my book, destined to become an all-time classic, this works so beautifully with my skin chemistry and envelops me in a comforting embrace. The original Trésor is another one of those that makes my teeth ache - so many of my gal pals love it, but on me it smells like rotting fruit lol. However Trésor in Love is "my precious" and I keep this gem strictly for very special occasions. My 5-star beautyheaven review of it is here.

Part 2 is in the pipeline...

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Kats your description of these scents are just perfect. I find writing about perfumes really difficult even though I have an extremely sensitive nose :-) so can really appreciate how beautifully descriptive you have been. I love miniature scents as it gives me a good opportunity to try something different to see how it interacts with my skin. I have been caught out a couple of times with something that smells delicious on someone else but absolutely 'stinks' on me so this helps eliminate mistakes and the expense. Can't wait for installment no 2 x

    1. Kate honey, your comment is SO appreciated. I LOVE reading what other people have to say about perfume - it helps me decide what I'm even going to bother sampling from the thousands that are out there, I mean where does one begin lol? I'm so thrilled that my waffly perceptions might be even remotely helpful to you ♥

  2. Oh Kat, I'm so jealous of your fragrance collection!
    The Lancome Tresor In Love perfume sounds so lovely, no wonder you love it so much :-)
    My collection on fragrances in growing rapidly. I go through stages of things I must collect and I'm afraid fragrance is right on the top of my list lately hehe. I'm a sucker for Ed Hardy ;-) Not expensive but I think it suits me.

    1. Haven't tried anything from Ed Hardy Gemma - thanks for the tip hon, and "not expensive" definitely has an appeal :-)

  3. I used to own a small pile of mini fragrance collections myself, Kat, and loved looking at the mini bottles from time to time as well as deciding which to put on. I loved the fact that the bottles were mini replicas of the full sized ones; so very cute !!!
    Your articles about fragrance are very detailed and informative but often I wish we had "smell-a-vision" to add a whole new dimension to "fragrance" blogs :).

    Arty Girl

  4. Ahh yes Arty Girl - if only there was a "scratch and sniff" button for a webpage!