Saturday, 14 December 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Summer Scents Part 2...

Part 1 covered the passionate purples, so let's move on to the pretty pinks, which in general I find a tad more subtle - but that's what makes them perfect for summery days and nights when you don't necessarily want to overwhelm yourself, or anyone else in the vicinity...

Miracle by Lancôme, eau de parfum

My first encounter with this precious fragrance was via a miniature bottle in a set given to me by a thoughtful friend. I couldn't believe that I hadn't experienced it before, but well, better late than never! Such a classy and feminine scent. Love the fresh astringency that accompanies it's gentle floral and slightly oriental heart, and musky powdery base. The only thing that doesn't grab me is the bottle - it's a wee bit plain for my particular preferences, but hey maybe miracles don't need much embellishment after all :-)

L'Air by Nina Ricci, eau de parfum

This addition to my collection is barely two weeks old. My bestie gave it to me as she bought it unsampled, and it didn't suit her. Well thank you very much my dear, I'm thrilled! I must say I was hesitant at first because L'Air du Temps is not my thing at all - I realise this may sound weird, but the fragrance makes my teeth ache :-( Such a peculiar sensation, and  no, I didn't spray it in my mouth lol. Glad to say this more refined version has no such strange effect. Although it's still early days, I doubt it will end up as an intense love of my life, but there's definitely a good deal of potential, and the bottle is heavenly - the most stunning I have actually. To me it's quite woody but there's sufficient floral content to lift it up into the clouds - rich and deep, there's a warming characteristic too, so I'm more inclined to wear it at night.

Pink Sparkle by Kylie Minogue, eau de toilette

This fragrance isn't in the photo at the top of the page because I've only just found it incorrectly "filed" in my my winter perfumes box - well aren't I a happy gal, I didn't realise I had some left from last summer! Not as dear to my heart as Dazzling Darling, but girly and fun all the same. My beauyheaven review of it is here. I have never EVER liked any "celebrity" scents, so much so that I'd even stopped sampling them - they all smelt the same to me, tacky and whiffy. Well thank goodness I relented or I'd have missed this little gem from Kylie (and Violet Eyes from ET). This one needs a good 10 minutes to settle on the skin before it comes into its own, but then I can count on it's beauty to last for a good 6 hours. However as surprisingly elegant as it is, there are no illusions here - it's certainly not going to end up as a classic, but I so enjoy it's happy freshness, and sometimes I just want to wear something lighthearted. This is almost pure floral with a hint of vanilla and musk, comes in a cute-as-a-button bottle, and the perfume is the prettiest peachy pink, almost the colour of blush champagne. I can easily imagine finding this bottle inside I Dream of Jeannie's bottle :-)

Stay tuned for Part 3...

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. I wish technology had evolved enough so we could smell things through our computers lol :) these sound lovely! Had a bit of a giggle about the teeth aching thing - that is so odd! These bottles are all gorgeous too :)

    1. Boy do I agree Sarah - imagine being able to sample fragrances online! Yeah I found the tooth thingy really hard to express/describe - it's happened to me with a couple of other perfumes as well, wish I knew what the ingredient was that causes it. I guess it just goes to show that our taste buds and our noses are connected ha ha...

  2. I've never even considered sniffing the Kylie Minogue testers before. Strange, because I have a weird thing for celebrity fragrances. You're right, they can tend to smell the same, but I've found some lovely scents. Looking forward to the next installment of this series, hun

    1. Would love to know which celeb scents are your faves IndiAna - as I mentioned, I gave up testing them a long time ago, but maybe I'm missing out after all?