Friday, 8 November 2013

EOTD: Pastel Blue...

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I avoided blue eye shadow for several decades - I wore pale blue constantly in my younger days (all the way up to my eyebrows - ughh!) and it all became too boring. Of course it was the fashion at the time (a generational thing) and after wearing it to death and then giving it a miss for so long, I honestly thought it belonged in my past, and I'd never EVER go back to it.

And then one day a Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad called Serene came into my possession (how DO these things happen?), and I fell in love all over again with powder blue :-) But it wasn't all smooth sailing - these shadows are very sheer, and despite numerous attempts, I just couldn't get them to work for me. They'd almost disappear from my lids before I had a chance to take any pics - I tried various primers, cream bases, even my trusty essence white kajal, but the powders just wouldn't adhere. I thought I was destined to just sit and stare at the palette rather than get any wear out of it :-(

However, today I worked out the secret of how to bring out the beauty of these shadows - apply them over a matte base! (Sugarpill Tako to be precise) To be honest it usually annoys the hell out of me if I have to do something outside my usual routine to get a shadow to work, but in this particular case, I'm prepared to make the effort because it's just so darn pretty :-)

Here's what I used to create this look:

Eye of Horus Charcoal Obsidian Goddess Pencil for tight-lining
Essence white kajal all over the top lid
Sugarpill Tako (white) pressed over the top of that
Medium blue from the Revlon Serene quad over most of the white
Revlon matte Riviera Blue in the crease
bhcosmetics waterproof eyeliner in Midnight under the lower lashes and on the waterline (blended with essence white kajal)
MNY Master Precise Liquid Liner
MUA matte beige on the  hood
MNY The Falsies waterproof mascara

Well it just goes to show that persistence pays off - I'm both relieved and delighted to report that even now, 16 hours later, this pigment has not faded or shifted, and I can finally wear these gorgeous blues with confidence :-)

How do you feel about pastel blue eye shadow? Do you have any tricky shadows in your kit that don't want to stay put?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Hi there Kats x
    Your eyes look gorgeous and vibrant as usual :) Love them!
    The blue of the shadows suits your natural eye colour really well too. What a shame that the quad palette just didn't perform as well as what it should. But congrats on finding a technique to get the shadows to work and show. And thank you so much for sharing how you did it, that is a fantastic tip!
    I know exactly what you mean about getting annoyed about shadows not working. I want my shadows to not need a primer or base of some sort. I just want to apply them on their own and they should last all day :)
    Is that a Z palette in your pic?! What do you think of it? I've been thinking of buying one to hold all my Couleur Caramel pans.

    1. Hiya back Gemma - you always write such lovely comments hon, thanks a bunch :-) Yes it is a Z palette - it came with my Sugarpill shadows via a swap and I think it's brilliant! I love that I can actually fold the lid underneath the base when I'm working with the shadows (I have limited space) and the magnetic board holds everything in place so securely, plus I can see the pretty colours through the clear lid. If you bought one, you wouldn't regret it for a minute - go for it :-)

    2. You're very welcome. Your eyes always stun and impress me. You've got some serious talent there gurl hehe.
      The Z palette sounds amazing. I'm planning on making another Couleur Caramel order early next year (once chrissy settles down) so I'll sneakily throw a Z palette in too ;) I'd love to have all the CC pans in the one place cause they look really lovely :)

    3. Great news Gemma - I haven't tried any of the Couleur Caramel range as yet, but you're sure tempting me. Hope you post a piccie of he palette when you put all together xxx