Tuesday, 12 November 2013

SPOTLIGHT: bhcosmetics Take Me To Brazil palette...

I just had to have a little rave about this palette. I have (ahem) quite a few in my kit, but this is the one I'm reaching for most often at the moment. Adoring vibrant colours as I do, this was IMPOSSIBLE to resist when it was on special not so long ago. I have just about all these shades already in a 120 palette from the same company, but this one is such a handy size, and I love the mix of mostly mattes, the fourth row is shimmery jewel tones, plus there's a winter white and basic black along the base.

For those gals who do their makeup on the move, there's a decent sized mirror on the inside of the lid, and it comes with a clear plastic protective sheet to cover the pans.

The pigmentation is brilliant for US$15 (currently on special for $9.95!) and the colours are sweet and sassy for spring and summer - just about every shade is covered here, and they blend so beautifully it's super easy to make any colour in between.

Here's a couple of looks I've created using this palette - I've marked the shades I used with an "x"...



It's pretty safe to say I'm totally in love with this palette! Shipping is a little hefty at US$12.45, but I usually wait and order a few things at the one time which makes it worthwhile (their black eyeliner felt pen is the best, I use it almost every day), and the parcel always arrives within 10 days.

Do you have a favourite palette that you use over and over again? Have you tried any bhcosmetics products?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Kat, you've created some gorgeous looks with this palette. Thanks to your inspiring creations, I now have this palette, too, so it's all your fault ;)

  2. Ha ha IndieAna, it's payback time for all the enabling you've done for me! I'm so glad you indulged though, those shimmery shades are made for you hon :-)

  3. Oh my goodness everything here looks fabulous!! The palette and your eyes are all so beautiful.
    I've never tried anything from bhcosmetics before but I'd love to now. That palette was created for you kats...it should have your name written on it. It's perfect for you.
    Your colourful rainbow EOTD blows me away, I LOVE IT!!
    Because I find you so Inspirational as a person and with your talents I wanted to nominate you for the Inspired Blog Award :)

    1. Gemma I don't know what to say - you are such a darling, and I thank you SO much for this award. You've been so incredibly supportive of my venture into the world of blogging from day one - bless you treasure!

  4. Kat, "Thank You So Much" for this lovely prize which I received today. When I showed it to my sister she genuinely thought it was a Watercolour palette; the colours being so bright !!!
    I should be doing more drawing but now that this palette has arrived.......I may just have a play :).

    Arty Girl

    1. Delighted to hear Arty. Play away my dear, but please don't neglect your drawing - you have such a wonderful talent :-)