Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Inspired Blog Award

Well didn't I have my Thursday turn into something special! The beautiful, kind and ever so supportive Gemma over at Lady Sapphire Blog has nominated me for an Inspired Blog Award - what a honey you are Lady S, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and the top of my blog!

Agnieszka from Beauty Cat Castle has kindly created this award so that us bloggers can spread the love for our favourite inspirational blogs. The Rules are simple as...all we have to do is nominate at least three bloggers who inspire us, and explain why :-)

Some of my faves have already been nominated by Gemma, but here are a few more way deserving gals...

Magda from All the pretty faces hasn't posted in a while, but her eye makeup creations were responsible for the development of my passion many years ago. She is a true artist and creates the most exquisite looks with colour combinations I couldn't even dream of. Do check out her blog - I'm sure you will be in as much awe as I am at the beauty of her work :-)

Next is IndieAna from IndieAna: In Search of the HolyGrail - a dear friend, and one of my greatest enablers as far as beauty products are concerned (I blame her constantly for my ever growing collection!). She seemingly has no fear regularly posting full FOTD's, plus EOTD's and NOTD's (the latter in particular are out of this world), as well as writing strikingly honest and informative reviews. We also share a passion for magnificently pigmented & shimmery eye shadows, and I can count on her for bringing to my attention those suppliers outside the mainstream.

And my list of "inspirers" wouldn't be complete without Kate from Seducedbybeauty. Back in July of this year, Kate invited me to be her first Guest Blogger - I was so honoured, and it certainly whet my appetite for blogging, so much so that I started my own a few months later! She's also one of the most beautiful and elegant ladies I've had the pleasure to know, her articles are honest, entertaining and exceptionally well written, and her videos are a pleasure to watch. With the gift of the gab, she's both professional and refreshingly natural in her delivery.

All of these ladies are brilliant bloggers, and inspire me every day to improve my writing, makeup application and photography skills.  Lovelies, all of you totally rock at blogging!

Thanks again Gemma dear for this award, I'm so touched.  And I don't see any reason why I can't nominate you back darling - you make me want to be a better blogger, and a better human being xxx

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Awww what perfect nominees you have here Katshepsutt. They are all beautiful bloggers ♡
    You inspire me too hun to be a better blogger and your creativity and uniqueness inspires me to try something new.
    Never change xx

    1. Gosh Gemma, we have quite a thing going on here - a full blown mutual admiration society ha ha! Bless you sweetheart :-)

  2. Kat, I am truly humbled by your nomination, and especially your beautiful words, they are always encouraging and uplifting xx

    1. Oh treasure, I couldn't possibly NOT nominate you - you are just so quietly beautiful in everything you do, and your blog reflects that so well, what's on the inside & the outside xxx

  3. Just wonderful, Kats - of course Gemma was right to nominate YOU and I love your nominations. It's a lovely concept. Your reply to Scent/Indie Ana is perfect and so reflective of both of you.

    And to think I didn't even know what a blog was, not all that long ago!!!! Totally deserving and inspiring!
    With love,

    1. Bless you Trish! You know whenever my email tells me that "Anonymous" has posted a comment on my blog, my little old ticker skips a beat at the possibility that it might be you, and so often I'm rewarded - thanks for all you do and say darling, and have a glorious weekend xxx

  4. Thank you so much Kats for such an amazing nomination. I am absolutely speechless at your beautiful words :-) It truly means so much.

    I was so pleased that you agreed to be my first guest blogger and even more excited when you started your own blog. I had secretly been hoping that you would take the plunge!

    Your creativity knows no bounds and I love that you share your amazing creations with us on such a regular basis. Your written reviews are a pleasure to read and I look forward to many, many more inspiring looks.


    1. Well my words are all true Kate my dear, and I will always consider you my greatest enabler as far as blogging is concerned - keep up the brilliant work hon, and thank you for this loving comment :-)