Friday, 22 November 2013

LOTD: Berry bright...

I'm a magenta lover through and through - have been for years. It's one of my favourite shades for any day, any season, any occasion, and I have quite a few lip, cheek and eye products as well as items in my wardrobe that I'd definitely classify as out-there magenta pink. And because I love it so much, I'm not averse to moving a little bit left or right of centre for those days when I don't want to be quite so loud (lol), and today was one of them.

Having chosen a black and pink outfit, and bearing in mind I had some customer meetings in my diary, I thought I'd tone down my usual whoa! look by heading towards a bright berry instead, so here's what I put together...

Nabi Bright Pink Lipliner (L47) - I've mentioned this brand earlier in my Lipcolour Mixing & Matching article. Although the eye crayons aren't nearly as well pigmented, their lip pencils are brilliant. There's quite an extensive shade range available, they're a good mix of firm but moist texture, and the colour lasts and lasts. An absolute bargain at around $3.

Next I applied ModelsPrefer lipstick in a shade called City Chic. This is Priceline's own brand of cosmetics, and these lipsticks are beautifully moisturising, well-pigmented, the packaging is classy, and the regular price is $9.99.  Kate from Seducedbybeauty put me onto these, and I will be forever grateful :-) Some of the colours on Priceline's website are way off though, so I suggest you choose them in-store. In fact City Chic appears to be a browny-mauve on their colour chart, when as you can see, it is a bold bright berry.

To give this a wee bit of a Spring lift and add some extra plumpness to my pout, I topped it with Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine in shade #41. This gloss has a wee bit more red in it than the lipstick, but it tones in exceptionally well. Mirenesse sure knows how to make a great lipgloss :-)

And here's the finished look - bright and colourful, but a step back from OTT :-)

I think I might now be a berry lover too - how about you? Do you have a favourite berry lipstick?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. This lipstick is perfectly matched to your outfit. I love how the Mirenesse gloss compliments the lipstick, it doesn't detract from that glorious lippie shade. You look so polished, hun xx

    1. Aww hon, what a sweet comment, thanks a bunch :-)