Saturday, 15 August 2015

SPOTLIGHT: Foundation Collection Refresh...

Oh boy - I had so much fun doing my lipstick refresh that I couldn't resist repeating the same process with my foundations ♥ I haven't dallied much at all in this market as I've been quite content with my Lancome Teint Visionnaire. But I'm also aware that foundation technology is improving all the time, and at $65 a pop, my HG makes quite a dent in my wallet. So I wondered if there were any clever companies out there that could match my beloved face-base for far less bikkies. Below is a collage of the brands and products I chose for my research exercise, and that I've put to the test over the last few months...

Unlike the lipstick refresh (which at this stage seemingly has no limit lol), I restricted my test group to nine products, primarily because as I went along, I discovered that most of these work either well or brilliantly for me, and I figured I'll never get to finish up any more than this quantity before their use by dates (as it is I reckon I'll be pushing it to get through them in time!). I also didn't go with samples because in reality those little sachets annoy the hell out of me - they're fiddly and messy, and there's never enough in them for more than one application, two if you're lucky. All up I forked out just under $150 for the lot - mind you some of these were at awesome on-sale prices, and the Mirenesse compact came in a VIP kit (which is sort of free)...

So here are the foundations as they are pictured above (left to right in each row):

Mirenesse Liquid Silk - Vienna (RRP $59.50 VIP $29.75)
Designer Brands (DB) Age Revive - True Beige (RRP $14.99)
Nude by nature Liquid Mineral - Light/Medium (RRP $39.95)
Designer Brands (DB) Longwear - Nude Beige (RRP $12.99)
Mirenesse Airbrush Mineral Soft Focus (RRP $64.50 VIP $32.25)
Maybelline FIT Me! Matte+Poreless - Natural Beige (RRP $18.95)
Rimmel Lasting Finish with Comfort Serum - Soft Beige (RRP $17.95)
Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous - Soft Honey (RRP $16.95)
Maybelline DreamWonder Fluid-Touch - Sandy Beige (RRP $21.95)

And just for the record, my criteria for foundation is always:
  • colour match - I'm a light/medium with warm undertones, if the shade is wrong, forget the rest...
  • medium to full coverage - I have spider veins, enlarged pores and freckles (which are turning into age spots - boo!)...
  • finish - I have normal skin but a very oily T-zone, so I need something reasonably mattifying that doesn't look like I'm wearing a mask...
  • no caking or creasing - I'm old and I have wrinkles, nuff said ...
  • longevity - my job is VERY demanding so there's little time for touch-ups...
  • no transfer - especially at this time of year when I'm wearing scarves and high-necks...
  • availability - my preference is for something I can pick up easily at the supermarket, or at least somewhere nearby where there are testers...
  • price - my absolute limit is $65, anything above that would need to give me a face-lift as well!
I'll be reviewing all of these over the coming weeks, and very much looking forward to sharing my experiences with you 

Are any of these your favourites? What are the most important factors for you when choosing foundation?

Take care of you,
kats xxx


  1. Some Great looking choices there!
    I've only tried the dream wonder fluid touch, I quite like it, the applicator is odd, however once on it feels so light.
    Good Luck look forward to the reviews.

    1. My Mum loves the Dream Wonder - I can't get over how velvety it makes my skin feel. I'm looking forward to the reviews too - can't remember which one is my fave lol!

  2. That Maybelline foundation is one of my faves! Silky smooth and not cakey at all!

    1. Both MNY foundations I tried are great TP - gosh there's so many good ones these days! ♡♡♡

  3. I'll be interested in your reviews - I've often found that the cheaper foundations don't last as long as the more expensive, in that the bottle runs out more quickly. It could just be what I've used. Completely agree with you regarding the way you make the choice - I'd love to be able to use the foundation for a week before needing to make a definite purchase!!!!!! I don't want much, do I???
    Take care, Hun.

    1. Ha ha Trish, you and me both hey! Now that you mention it the same thing happens to me as far as lasting is concerned - my Visionnaire takes me through a good 6 months, whereas less expensive ones are more around the 4-month mark. I definitely use more of the cheaper variety. Hoping to have the first review in the seriies up tomorrow night - sigh, what I wouldn't give for an extra day in the week ♥♥♥

  4. I love mineral powder, I've been buying Physicians Formula for years. In winter my complexion looks good, but summer is when I need all the help I can get, but I find it too hot to wear anything more than a light powder.

    The Mirenesse suits you, but I'm curious about the Nude by Nature liquid mineral. I want to switch to an Aussie brand.

    1. Wish I could wear mineral powder hon - I've tried quite a few brands but it doesn't sit at all well on my old skin and always seem to go patchy after a few hours. I reckon you'd like the Nude by Nature liquid one - it's very lightweight and would be perfect for Summer, just not enough coverage for me, review soon ♥

  5. Cant wait to hear (or read!) What you think!! Im loving the MBA Aloe liquid foundation, its good medium coverage and only ? $10 purchased during a sale...will def repurch when i run out!! A lovely cheapie! V interested in what you think of the Nude liquid!! Xo

    1. The MBA one sounds pretty good - it'll be beaut to see it on your gorgeous face (soon I hope). I had to work last weekend so I didn't get to start the foundation reviews, but I'm determined to get cracking on them starting this Friday night. Heads up - I'm in two minds about the Nude Liquid Mineral. It's a lovely finish, and the perfect shade, but way too sheer for my old blotchy skin - boo! Am trying it with various primers to see if I can improve the coverage though ♥♥♥

  6. Looking forward to your reviews! I'm especially keen to try the Nude by Nature liquid mineral foundation...would love to hear what you think

    1. Hey stackcats, I'll probably do that one next - will try for this week! ♥♥♥