Friday, 11 April 2014

EOTM: "Your favourite March EOTD" Giveaway!...

Yes it's giveaway time again! It's a bit later than usual, but with Easter coming up, I didn't want anyone to miss out just because they were going away on holidays. And not everyone's as interested in make up as I am, so I've included a non-cosmetic one as well...

Prize #1 - Burt's Bees Nature's Pamper Kit, containing Coconut Foot Cream, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream & Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream, all in a pretty red gift box - actually it would make a lovely pressie for Mum on Mother's Day :-)

Prize #2 - Planet Earth Purse Set, containing Green Pear & Mango Hand Cream, Purple Shimmer Nail polish, Purple Glitter Nail Polish, and Gold Glitter Nail File, all in a gorgeous purple zipper bag with a strap handle...
BYS 24 Colour Palette Mix 2

The purse set is sealed so I can't show you what's inside, and the BYS palette is shrink-wrapped, but at least you can see the eye shadow colours - I swatched this palette in Gloss when I bought it, and the pigmentation is so sensational I'm kinda regretting not keeping it for myself!

Ok so first up you need to choose which of the March EOTD's is your favourite from the eight pictured below...

Next you have to guess how many make up products I used to create my FOTD (pictured below). This doesn't include cleanser or moisturiser or tools like brushes or cotton buds, or even hair styling products, only the cosmetic items I applied to my face, e.g. primer, foundation, blush, mascara etc. As I applied each product, I put it aside on my bench, and took a photo when I was done. To give you an idea of the number, it's a pretty confronting photo ha ha! I'll post a pic of everything I used at the end of the comp.

You also have to nominate which one of the two packs above you'd like to score, and the two entrants with the closest to correct answers will win their chosen prize. All products are brand new and were purchased by me.


This giveaway is now closed

As promised, here is the photo of the products I used - wait for it...25!

As always, the winners are those with the CLOSEST guess for the nominated prize,
which means the lucky ladies are...

Prize #1 - themissus (15)
Prize #2 - Fawn (19)

Congratulations ladies! Please reply to the email I've sent to you before
Tuesday 29th April to claim your prizes :-)

Edit: Fawn has claimed Prize #2 :-)
Edit: themissus has claimed Prize #1 :-)


To enter, you must also follow me on Google Friend Connect, Google+, Bloglovin' or email, tell me in the comments section below which of the eight EOTD's pictured above is your favourite and why you like it, guess the number of cosmetic items I used to create my FOTDnominate which prize you'd like to win, and include in your comment your email address, username (where applicable) and how you are following me.

Entries close midnight Saturday 26th April 2014, and the winners will be decided by whoever comes up with the correct or closest-to-correct guesses. I will announce the winners on Sunday 27th April here on this page of kats colourings. The winners will have till Tuesday 29th April to respond to my email to claim their prizes. In the event of a tie, I will put the finalists' names into a hat (one for each prize), and draw two out to determine who the lucky gals are..

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Take care of you,
kats xxx

Giveaway Terms & Conditions
1. Only one entry per person permitted.
2. To enter, you must follow me on Google Friend Connect, Google+, Bloglovin or email, comment on this post your favourite(s) EOTD from the eight pictured above, and why you like it/them, guess the number of cosmetics I used to create my FOTD, nominate which prize you'd like to win, and remember to include your GFC, Google+  or Bloglovin' user name.
3. Include your email address in the comment.
4. This competition is open to Australian residents only.
5. Although every effort will be made to carefully package the products, I am not responsible for any loss or damage to the prizes that may occur during shipping.
6. This competition is hosted by katshepsutt via the kats colourings blog at
7. The total prize value is AUD49.85, and consists of two separate prizes: 
     Prize 1:  Burt's Bees Nature's Pamper Pack RRP AUD29.95
     Prize 2: Planet Earth Purse Set  RRP AUD 9.95 & BYS 24 Colour Eye Shadow palette RRP AUD9.95
8. Competition closes midnight Saturday 26th April 2014 (Sydney time).
9. This competition is a game of skill and the winners will be based on the closest guesses, and notified by email and via a post on this page of kats colouring on Sunday 27th April 2014.


  1. Hi :) my guess is 17 products, and I looove look 3, that brilliant aqua just did me in! I would love to win prize 2, and my username is catn2kittens (or hissycatkrissy, not sure!), my email is catn2kittens at yahoo dot com dot au, and i follow you via bloglovin, gfc and google plus under the name hissycatkrissy. And I miss you!!

    1. Yay Cat darling - oh how it does my heart good to see you here ♥ Gaahhhh! We haven't chatted in what seems like a million years - I miss you too hon, and hope you are doing ok with all that's going on in your world. I'm having holidays at Easter and plan to catch up with some embarassingly long overdue emails - love and hugs to you ♥♥♥

  2. I like look number 1...I think you must have established that I love vibrant colours especially greens and oranges.
    Im going to guess 19 products although i will also say that you simply need your wonderful smile to look beautiful :)
    Im loving Prize number 2....colours....oohhhh

    username Fawn M meedee89 at hotmail dot com
    following you on gfc, google + and bloglovin

    1. Yes Fawn you're my green and orange fan pal ha ha! It's a combination that I love and it works all year round - I just shift both of them into warmer tones for the cooler weather. Not surprised you nominated prize #2 - there are 2 gorgeous greens and 4 orangey shades right up your alley hon :-)

    2. oh believe me I had noticed :)

  3. Hiya darlin'! My guess will be 15 products :) I really like look number 5, something about it is just so dreamy and it's soft on the eyes which is what I've been loving this month. Also, pink & purple are my favourite colours!

    I would love prize number 1, Burt's Bees make great lip balms, I wonder what their hand & feet products are like. I'm following you pretty much everywhere in a non-stalkerish way and my email is just-jkt@hotmail[dot]com.

    Have a wonderful weekend love!

    1. Ooh yes pink and purple is a fave of mine too themisses - as you no doubt know I'm a HUGE fan of bold colours, but these two together are probably my fave pretty pastel combo :-) I've only tried Burt's Bees lip balms too, but the cuticle cream has won no less than 3 beautyheaven awards and the coconut foot creme has rave reviews. Darn it why am I giving this pack away? Ha ha...

  4. Firstly I must say Kats....I LOVE THOSE EARRINGS! The colour is beautiful :D
    I love your #1 EOTD. It's such a beautiful cocktail of colours and reminds me of a warm Summer afternoon (I miss Summer so badly).
    I follow you on GFC and Google + as Gemma Sapphire. I also follow you on Bloglovin as Lady Gemma Sapphire :D
    My email address is
    I love pack one Kats, all those products target my problem areas during Winter and the pack looks really lovely.
    Now for my guess...I'm going to guess 12 products :D
    Best of luck everyone!

    1. Lol Gemma, trust you to pick up on the accessories ♥ That day I was wearing white and lapis and the earrings are a bold bright blue - I'll post the EOTD (aqua & lapis) that goes with it after the comp. I'm missing summer already too hon, although I'm totally bored with my warm weather wardrobe lol...

    2. Awwww :) snuggles back xx

  5. You are so generous with your giveaways Kat! You always have such a beautiful eotd. My fav from the last month is #3. It is such a beautiful colour and reminds me of a tropical getaway by the sea. It's very mermaid esk. Mystical, vibrant and my it was the first one my eyes were drawn to. :)
    I'm following you on GFC and Google+.
    My email is
    Prize #2 looks like a super amazing treat!
    Thank you for the chance and keep up the great work. xo

  6. Oops I forgot to guess how many products you used.... My guess is 8. :)

    1. So glad you've entered the comp Candy - giveaways are one of my major blogging pleasures, I just wish I could give a prize to everyone :-)
      Love your new avatar btw, it's so delicate and pretty and totally you hon ♥

  7. Hi Kats, you are so generous again with your giveaways! I won't enter but thought I would ask if you would consider doing a video tutorial on how you do your eye makeup. It needn't be complicated with too many colours - just the basic technique. Have a great weekend!

    1. Funnily enough roxy I'm getting braver by the day as regards videos - I just have to get around the problem of time constraints plus I don't have a proper set up for filming. But where there's a will there's a way, and I'll have a bit of a fiddle during the Easter hols to see if I can come up with something that's decent enough to make public lol :-)

    2. That would be great. You have achieved so much since starting your blog and I know you will have the confidence to do a video very soon. Look forward to it!

  8. Hi Kats. All your EOTD's are lovely but I'll pick No.8 as my favourite. It's the brightest of the eye looks and a vibrant colour of eyeshadow that just seems to shout "I'm alive !!!". I can't help being attracted to it because it offsets your gorgeous eyes beautifully !!! I like the white kajal on the waterline too for that more "open eye" look :).
    My guess for the number of makeup products that you used to create the FOTD is 14 and I choose Prize 1 because I've never tried Burt's Bees products and I hear that they are good.
    I'm following you via email. Thanks for another chance to win wonderful products.

    Arty Girl

    1. Aww Arty hon I'm so happy you like #8 - that was done with an ancient palette that I'd quite forgotten about :-) The Burt's Bees pack contains some wonderful products - I'm so regretting not picking up two of these in the post-Christmas sales so I could keep one for myself...

  9. Yes, yes to Roxy's question to you kats.....I've always said you should do a video on how to apply. Loving the blue ear rings you are wearing above also.
    Okay this time I am going completely different and choosing eye number 5 because it reminds me of my purple bedroom I had as a teenager. Sseeing the colours on your beautiful green eyes, brings back warm memories of my life back then.
    I am taking a guess of 16 products that you have used and would love Prize 2. Must be the colour I am addicted to.
    I follow you through google, blogloving and my email is
    Have a wonderful Easter Kats and hope you have a well rested easter break.
    Mandy xx

    1. Thanks for your lovely wishes Mandy - oh boy Easter is this luscious and juicy carrot dangling out in front of me keeping me going, can't wait to have a wee bit of a break. Will also have some time to explore the possibility of a video - once I have a set up that works, I'll probably be uncontrollable ha ha! Love and hugs babe ♥

  10. Karen McDermott24 April 2014 at 11:16

    I will guess 14, my favourite look is number 4 it makes your eyes pop!
    Karen McDermott
    The Burts Bee prize
    I hope I have covered everything.
    You have a true eye and imagination for colour.

    1. ps I am following you via google and email I love your posts on Beauty heaven

    2. Hey there Karen - great to see you here, and delighted you've entered the giveaway hon. And yes you've covered everything - best of luck!

  11. I usually can't resist your lovely green looks, but look number 1 is jumping out at me - maybe it's the autumn leaf colours that appeal!

    Guessing 13 produts and I must do this myself one day - put aside all the products used, then count them!

    Prize #1 Burts Bees - love a good pampering!

    Follow you on GFC as karen lee and on Bloglovin as kassalee (and on beautyheaven too)

    1. Yay karen, thanks for entering, and delighted you like #1. Yes it's interesting to see how many things go into your daily make up routine - not that it really matters though, I reckon the end result is all that counts lol...

  12. yippiiiieeeeee....Thank you so very much Kats...oh I cant wait to have a play with this wonderful palette and all those amazing colours.
    The makeup bag with all its wonderful contents is just so perfect.
    Thank you :D

  13. Congrats ladies! You have won such gorgeous prizes :)

  14. Thank you so much beautiful! That's a very impressive photo of products used, I think my record was about 15 ;)