Sunday, 13 April 2014

REVIEW: Marc Jacobs DOT...

After doing a bit of googling, I've come to the conclusion that this is probably the most photographed fragrance in the perfume world! Having lusted after it for at least 9 months, and finally scoring a bottle as part of my Blogstar prize, here's my contribution to the plethora of pictures of DOT - and why not, she is after all a work of art :-)

Interestingly I've read that some gals loathe the packaging, but I am in awe of the design, and can't stop looking at the bottle. The ruby red glass is quite breathtaking, and the flower adornments are as cute as can be. However loving the bottle as I do, from a practicality point of view there's no way I would (could!) take this bottle with me to work for re-sprays, so I've decanted the toilette into a Travalo. These photos don't do her proper justice either - I found her multi-dimensional girly bits extremely difficult to capture all in one shot...

As for what's inside, this fragrance is a gem - I'm disappointed that it only lasts a few hours on my skin unless I keep spritzing, however it's also available in a more potent eau de parfum which I'm keen to try (Santa please take note). In my personal dictionary, this is a "fruityental" with a musky floral base that is only revealed once the fruit has faded (takes about half an hour)...

On first spray, my nose gets melon, melon and...melon lol - interestingly it doesn't contain melon (!) so I guess it's the dragonfruit and red berries I'm picking up on, but what a refreshing delight on a hot summer day, and a welcome change from the usual citrusy tang of warm weather perfumes. Having said that, for me it's a seasonal all rounder that's equally wearable in warm or cool weather. Other ingredients include honeysuckle, jasmine, orange blossom and coconut, plus there's vanilla and driftwood in the musky base...

She even looks cute from behind!
The only other Marc Jacobs fragrance I know well is Daisy, which to me is the young ingenue, whereas DOT is her sophisticated and highly fashion-conscious older sister :-) I just adore this fragrance 

Have you tried DOT? What's your favourite Marc Jacobs fragrance?

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kats xxx


  1. I was at Myer today and everytime I'm there I'm instantly drawn to the Marc Jacobs fragrances, I love Dot the most followed by Daisy then Honey :)
    They all have gorgeous packaging, you captured it very well in your beautiful photography!

    HAHA the cheeky caption: "She even looks cute from behind!" cracked me up so much!

    I hope to take her home in a not-so-far-away trip to Myer as I love the sound of fruityental ;)

    1. Oooh themissus I haven't treated myself to a whiff of Honey yet - it's on my list of gotta-get-around-to-its this Easter hols! As for DOT, I haven't been excited about a perfume in quite a while, but this one has me buzzing :-) Hope you allow yourself to go a bit Dotty at Myer very soon hon xxx

  2. I received this in my Blogstar pack as well. It is so fragile, yet completely gorgeous. Its one of my fav perfumes for sure! :) ♥

    1. So glad you like it too Candy - when my prize box went AWOL, this was probably the item I was most worried about never arriving!

  3. My first perfume i've ever purchased was marc jacobs' daisy :) the bottle appealed me! Dot looks so prettyyyyy!!!

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. Oh wow Lily, what a great first choice - I'm super impressed hon! I reckon the bottle is almost as important as the fragrance ♡