Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My 2nd Liebster Award!...

The lovely Avie from All Things Avie has nominated me for my second Liebster Award! Thanks my darling, and congrats on your award too - your blog is going from strength to strength every day 

Just for the record, here are the Liebster Award "rules":
1. You must link back to the person who nominated you
2. You must answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominee before you
3. You must pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions
4. You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
5. You must let the people you nominate know they have been nominated

And here are my (hopefully interesting) answers to Avie's questions:

1.What is your favorite hobby?
Well now I'm torn between doing eye make up looks and blogging - actually both of them are daily necessities for me, so I'm not sure that either of them counts as a hobby hey? Prior to both of these, I used to love making bead jewellery...

2.How many pets do you have? If any post a pic.
I have two cats. One of them (Natasha) is very social, and a Lara Croft adventure queen - she can't bear being bored, so she gets up to all sorts of mischief. Her most recent escapade was slipping and falling from our second floor balcony ledge after failing to successfully complete a 180 degree turn! Had us in complete torment until we got the all-clear from the vet - nothing broken, just a bit battered and bruised. However at 12 years of age she's getting a bit long in the tooth to be executing such aerial acrobatics. The photo on the left was taken AFTER her adventure, so you can see she's fine, but still climbs the stairs a little gingerly. Is this the face of a cat that's learned her lesson? I think not...

The other feline family member is very private and shy (I'll whisper her name...Coco) - she absolutely LOATHES having her picture taken, and prefers to slink from room to room without being seen. If we have visitors, forget any kind of contact - it's as if she never existed. She's a dark chocolatey black bengal/siamese cross, and I took this photo a few years ago when she wasn't looking...

3.Name one make up pet peeve of yours.
When I spend 20 minutes creating an eye look, then when I go outside in the wind my eyes water like crazy, and by the time I get to work, half my meticulously applied shadow has transferred to my hoods - boo!

4.For your nails, do you like nail polish, natural, or salon? 
I go natural because I'm incredibly time poor - I ADORE nail polish and seeing the creativity of other gals, but I just have no time whatsoever to be re-doing manis when they get all chipped, so I just keep my nails au naturel and well groomed...

5.Are you reading any books? If so, what book?
Not right at the mo' - I have three patiently waiting on the shelf though...

6.What is your favorite song at the moment?
Currently revisiting some of my old loves - for now it's "Isn't It Time" by The Baby's. ..

7.What is your favorite movie?
Last time I answered this same question I said Stargate, but that was a bit unfair to the rest of the cinematographic gems that share my #1 spot, like...The Fifth Element, Signs, The Matrix, War Of The Worlds, Gattica, A.I., The Abyss, Blade Runner etc., and that's just the Sci Fi genre...

8.What do you eat the most of?
No one thing more than another really, I believe in as much variety as possible when it comes to food - I don't think anything is bad for you if you only eat it now and then, and even so called health foods can cause grief in your body if you have them every day...

9.Are you a collector or a regulator? 
These pics should probably answer the question...

10.Do you like sports? If so, what is your favorite?
I used to play tennis and snow ski, but these days I'm an armchair appreciator of the Pro tennis circuit and Olympian downhill racers. I was also a keen roller-blader in my youth (see pic below) but I gave that up last week (I'm joking of course)...

11.If you had to take one item and one item only to an island, what item would that be?
My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - I can talk, I can blog, I can websurf, I can email, I can take photos. What else could I possibly need?

Thank you again for this fun nomination Avie 

Now I'm a bit stonkered here because like Gemma Sapphire, everyone I know who qualifies has already been nominated before, so here's a shout out to any <200 followers blogger out there who would like to join in the fun, and answer the following questions...

1. Are you a lover of precious stones? Which one appeals to you the most?
2. What colour are your eyes?
3. Is there a famous person in history you admire - why?
4. If you could be talented at anything instantly, what would you choose?
5. What's the earliest moment in your life you can remember?
6. What do you get complimented on most often?
7. What is the most unusual food you’ve ever eaten?
8. What creature/bird/insect do you identify with the most?
9. Do you have an all time favourite flower, and if so, what is it?
10.What does your dream house look like?
11. How did you come up with your blog title?

Take care of you,

kats xxx


  1. Thanks Kat for sharing! I totally loved reading your answers. Your two cats are just too funny. Quite the opposite that is for sure!

    & yes I would have to agree, those pics do account for the answer. Very much a collector. lol ;) That's okay. I expect alot of beauty lovers are very much collectors!

    Thanks again for sharing. Looking forward to more posts of yours! BTW, I love how you write, very catching and everyhing flows so well!

    1. Hey Avie, it's such a fun way to learn a little more about what makes us bloggers tick hey? Thank you for the opportunity to share a teeny bit of my world, and your kind words are truly inspirational, and have given me such a boost ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Congrats Kat!!!
    I have the hugest smile on my face right now. I loved reading your answers :D
    Your cats are so beautiful. That is such a huge fall for your kitty to have, thank goodness she is ok. What a dare devil! And you will have to tell Coco I said that I think she is beautiful hehe.
    Oh I love roller-blading too! I bought a pair when I was 15 and still have them in my cupboard. I will teach the kids with them one day :) You look great in all your gear! :D
    Congrats again Kats :D Fingers crossed we find some deserving Liebster Award bloggers xx

    1. Hey GG (that stands for Gorgeous Gemma btw) I'll whisper your lovely comments to Miss C when she's fast asleep, that way she'll have sweet dreams ♥ I'm so excited to find out you love roller-blading hon - the kiddiewinks will have a ball under your expert guidance, and did you notice that my pants, bum bag and laces were PURPLE?

    2. Oh yeah!!! Styling in purple! Ok now I want those tights :D

  3. Brilliantly fabulous, Kats and sincere congratulations!!! OMG - I can just imagine the panic with Natasha - she is obviously capable of trying it again, thinking "Now why did that happen, I knew what I was doing?!" Loved your answers and the pics!
    With love,

    1. Trish honey, OMG Natasha had us in a total spin - took a while to figure out what had happened, and how she got outside! Saw all the claw marks on the ledge and my stomach just flipped over imagining her struggling to hang on, the poor darling. Ahem, for the time being she is BANNED from the balcony unless she's supervised...